TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – March 19, 2015 – The Sadowski Housing Coalition issued a release applauding the Florida Senate Appropriations Committee for moving to protect the Sadowski Fund, Florida's trust fund earmarked for state affordable housing programs.

Yesterday, the committee unanimously removed a controversial reduction of affordable housing money found in a series of bills (SB 576, SB 578, SB 580, SB 582, SB 584, and SB 586).

Voters approved Amendment 1 to the Florida Constitution last year, and since that earmarks some doc stamp money to environmental water issues, Florida Realtors, a member of the Sadowski Coalition, was concerned that the Florida Legislature would cut back on the amount of doc stamp money going to affordable housing. However, yesterday's committee move backs Florida Realtors' message that there's enough doc stamp money to pay for both programs.

While the Senate committee approval is a positive first step, a bill must still survive a full Senate vote and be heard in the House. If both sides of the Legislature reach agreement, it would then need Gov. Rick Scott's signature to become law.

The Senate's approach differs in many ways from the House's initiative, so things can change as the Legislature moves forward. The biggest difference centers on money earmarked for transportation. The Senate proposal would lead to a more than $100 million reduction.

"Our next immediate priority is to work with the House and Senate to fully appropriate the doc stamp monies in the housing trust funds to help Florida's seniors, veterans, special needs populations and hardworking families," says Trey Price, public policy representative for Florida Realtors. "The $266.87 million in state and local housing trust funds this fiscal year will help all those populations, as well as the homeless, while producing 25,000 jobs in Florida and a positive economic impact of more than $3 billion dollars for our state."

The Sadowski Housing Coalition is a nonpartisan collection of over 30 statewide organizations. It was created in 1991 to obtain a dedicated revenue source for Florida's affordable housing programs.

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